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Syntax brings a unique perspective to investment management analytics and processes. Drawing on proprietary methodologies derived from the biotech industry, we define the DNA of companies and investment portfolios with pinpoint clarity. Through its financial analysis platform, Affinity, and its financial indices, Syntax empowers investors to meet their investment objectives with precision and accuracy.


Affinity™ transforms a complex financial data landscape into clear, actionable information.
Research Companies

See detailed exposure reports for thousands of individual stocks.

Screen Universes

Find companies that have target exposures from various equity universes.

Analyze Portfolios

Upload portfolio holdings to find hidden exposures across over 38 different lenses and more than 1,250 unique exposures.


Stratified Weight Indices

Syntax's proprietary Stratified Weight Indices unravel the inefficiencies embedded in capitalization weighted indices to present an optimal solution for balancing risk and reward.

Thematic Indices

Using proprietary Affinity analytics, Syntax develops Thematic Indices that capture emerging and evolving market trends with pinpoint accuracy in a timely fashion.

Benchmark Indices

Syntax has developed its own proprietary set of up-to-date Benchmark Indices that mirror the performance of the commonly used benchmarks.

ESG Indices

Syntax uses a vast array of data and proprietary data sets to develop a growing range of ESG, SRI, and SDG Indices that reflect prevailing responsible investment goals.

Tax Efficient Indices

Syntax uses proprietary tax loss harvesting algorithms to create Tax Efficient Indices without compromising overall performance objectives.

Custom Indices

Syntax works with a range of clients, including ETF issuers, institutions, and family offices to develop Custom Indices that precisely fit their needs.

Latest News and Research
Passive Perspectives: Third Quarter 2022

Passive Perspectives: Third Quarter 2022

  • Rising rates continue to cause strong headwinds in Q3 
  • The new paradigm in Momentum investing 
  • Quantifying inflation sensitivity in major benchmarks 
  • The market continues to follow the 2000 roadmap 
ESG: Some Assembly Required

ESG: Some Assembly Required

  • The Economist recently highlighted numerous issues with the present state of ESG Investing and how it is falling short of its intended goals. 
  • Investors face challenges understanding the nuances of ESG strategies and what the strategies they invest in are accomplishing. 
  • By focusing on a handful of key questions, investors can develop a plan that is aligned with their objectives.
Redefining Sector Neutral

Redefining Sector Neutral

  • Sector Neutral is a relative term implying a portfolio has sector weights equal to the benchmark.
  • Cap weighted indices often have sector weights that vary dramatically, with business risks often concentrated in a few sectors.  
  • We define Sector Neutral as portfolios where sectors and subsectors are equally weighted, in order to minimize business risk concentrations. 
  • By neutralizing sector risk in this way, a more robust and historically higher equity risk premium can be captured, particularly in times of stress. 
LOGICLY and Syntax Indices Announce Strategic Partnership

LOGICLY and Syntax Indices Announce Strategic Partnership

September 8, 2022 (New York, NY) – LOGICLY, a U.S. fintech company and leading provider of analytics and portfolio tools to the wealth management industry, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Syntax Indices, a leading index provider and financial analytics company. The partnership will create the first thematics-based, investor values-driven portfolio construction and management platform for wealth management firms and advisors.

About Syntax

Syntax Indices operates one of the most sophisticated index development platforms available today. Backed by top level investment know-how and Syntax’s proprietary technologies, Syntax Indices is able to create indices that precisely match investment objectives.

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