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Syntax is an index provider and financial analytics company that has developed a family of Stratified Indices, which give investors rules-based, diversified exposure to business risks. Our mission is to build innovative, transparent financial products and technologies that meet the investment objectives of a broad range of institutional and retail clients.

Our flagship indices, the Stratified Benchmark Indices, reweight the constituents of widely-used benchmarks, including the S&P 500, MSCI EAFE and Wilshire 5000 using Syntax’s Stratified Weight™ methodology. In addition to the Stratified Benchmark Indices, we provide Stratified Sector and Stratified Thematic indices, custom index solutions and data licensing services.

We also offer investment decision support tools, including portfolio risk analysis software and a business risk taxonomy backed by a database of over 6,000 global public companies. These tools are designed to support the investment decision-making of asset managers and institutional investors.

All Syntax products were developed in conjunction with a patented information system for classifying and organizing business, financial and economic activity called the Functional Information System (FIS) built by our sister company, the economic data analysis firm Locus Analytics. FIS provides the technology used to identify business risk in a portfolio. For more information, please visit Locus Analytics.

Rory Riggs Syntax CEO and Founder

Rory Riggs

Founder and CEO

Rory Riggs is the CEO and Founder of Syntax Indices. Rory’s idea for Syntax Stratified Indices came from his career in healthcare and the industry’s statistical use of population sampling and stratification across sub-populations to control for inadvertent biases in clinical trial results. To address the potential of similar biases in index results, he and his team identified a new risk category called related business risks, developed a new classification system with which to identify and group related business risk, and implemented the Stratified Weight methodology to control for the inadvertent over-weighting of related business risks that regularly occur in capitalization-weight and equal-weight methodologies.

Prior to founding Syntax and its sister company, Locus Analytics, Rory has been involved in the creation and development of many successful companies in healthcare and biotechnology. These companies include: Royalty Pharma; Fibrogen, Inc.; Cibus, LLC; GeneNews Ltd., Sugen, Inc. and eReceivables Inc. He is currently the chairman and co-founder of Royalty Pharma, the largest investor in revenue-producing intellectual property, principally royalty interests in marketed and late-stage development biopharmaceutical products. In addition, Rory is Chairman and Co-founder of Cibus, the leader in non-transgenic (non-GMO) gene editing in agriculture. He also served as the president and director of Biomatrix Corporation (NYSE: BXM) where he launched Synvisc, an important product in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Rory received a BA from Middlebury College and an MBA from Columbia University.

The Syntax Team

Patrick Shaddow President

Patrick Shaddow


Jonathan Chandler CFA and Syntax Vice President

Jonathan Chandler, CFA

Chief Operating Officer

Simon Whitten Syntax Vice President

Simon Whitten

Senior Vice President, Director of Research

James Fifield CFA and Syntax Director

James Fifield, CFA


Ellison Kandler CFA and Syntax Associate

Ellison Kandler, CFA

Senior Vice President, Head of Equity Solutions

Joseph Megill CFA and Syntax Associate

Joseph Megill, CFA

Senior Vice President, Head of Indices

Adam Beaser Syntax Senior Analyst

Adam Beaser

Senior Associate, ESG Specialist

Hezel Gadzikwa Syntax Analyst

Hezel Gadzikwa


Michaela Noetzel Syntax Analyst

Michaela Noetzel


Dany Jabban Analyst

Dany Jabban

Senior Analyst

Kalyani Subbiah Analyst

Kalyani Subbiah

Data Scientist

Mimi Soule Analyst, ESG Specialist

Mimi Soule

Analyst, ESG Specialist

Henry Marshall Analyst

Henry Marshall