SYFIN | Syntax Stratified Financials Index

Index Description

The Syntax Stratified Financials Index is a stratified-weight index of S&P 900 companies that operate in the financial sector. It uses Syntax’s patented methodology to control exposure to related business risks (RBRs). The Syntax Sector Indices hold the constituents of the S&P 900, with every constituent in the S&P 900 assigned to exactly one sector index.

Index Facts

Number of Constituents 171
Weighting Methodology Stratified
Rebalancing Frequency Quarterly
Currency USD
Exchange Symbol/Ticker SYFIN
Index Inception Date December 27, 2016
Base Index Value 100
Total Return Index Value (as of 12/01/2022) 3509.16

Index Performance

Multi-Horizon Returns
(% as of 09/30/2022)
YTD3Q221Y3Y5Y7Y10YSince 12.20.91
Stratified Financials-19.01-2.75-12.326.216.459.7311.4611.70
Cap-weight Financials-21.75-3.59-16.633.204.538.0610.148.59

Annual Index Performance
(% as of 09/30/2022)
Stratified Financials38.652.0129.92-13.9214.9924.431.8213.0634.4527.28
Cap-weight Financials36.76-5.5531.11-13.0418.3519.24-0.3015.1033.7628.92

Index Statistics
(as of 09/30/2022)
Vol.Sharpe RatioTrack. Err.Upside CaptureDown. Capture
Stratified Financials17.80.604.2696.087.8
Cap-weight Financials17.80.53-100.0100.0

Top Holdings
(as of 09/30/2022)
CompanyWeight (%)
Hartford Financial Services Group Inc.2.14
American International Group Inc.2.00
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B1.95
Loews Corporation1.85
Morgan Stanley1.81
Goldman Sachs Group Inc.1.80
Jefferies Financial Group Inc.1.80
Lennar Corporation Class A1.27
NVR Inc.1.26
Taylor Morrison Home Corporation1.25