SYFOOD | Syntax Stratified Food Index

Index Description

The Syntax Stratified Food Index is a stratified-weight index of S&P 900 companies that operate in the food sector. It uses Syntax’s patented methodology to control exposure to related business risks (RBRs). The Syntax Sector Indices hold the constituents of the S&P 900, with every constituent in the S&P 900 assigned to exactly one sector index.

Index Facts

Number of Constituents 52
Weighting Methodology Stratified
Rebalancing Frequency Quarterly
Currency USD
Exchange Symbol/Ticker SYFOOD
Index Inception Date December 27, 2016
Base Index Value 100
Total Return Index Value (as of 12/01/2022) 4243.84

Index Performance

Multi-Horizon Returns
(% as of 09/30/2022)
YTD3Q221Y3Y5Y7Y10YSince 12.20.91
Stratified Food-7.20-0.350.7511.1011.9310.8013.5412.40
Cap-weight Food-9.55-3.350.287.559.039.5710.6510.47

Annual Index Performance
(% as of 09/30/2022)
Stratified Food20.0617.3826.18-5.0312.6411.1311.1419.3035.2914.29
Cap-weight Food19.2512.1626.19-7.4116.468.1111.5813.3224.739.22

Index Statistics
(as of 09/30/2022)
Vol.Sharpe RatioTrack. Err.Upside CaptureDown. Capture
Stratified Food12.81.005.9698.375.9
Cap-weight Food12.20.81-100.0100.0

Top Holdings
(as of 09/30/2022)
CompanyWeight (%)
Sprouts Farmers Market Inc.3.32
Walmart Inc.3.25
Ingredion Incorporated3.23
Altria Group Inc3.19
Archer-Daniels-Midland Company3.17
Costco Wholesale Corporation3.13
Grocery Outlet Holding Corp.3.11
BJ's Wholesale Club Holdings Inc.3.10
Kroger Co.3.09
Sysco Corporation3.02