SYINFR | Syntax Infrastructure Index

Index Description

The Syntax Infrastructure Index comprises up to 100 equally weighted publicly traded US companies that operate or own infrastructure, such as highways or ports, as well as the products used to construct these large-scale projects. The Index applies screens for thematic purity of exposure, liquidity and size, and defines business segments including infrastructure operators, infrastructure suppliers, and construction and engineering.

The Index uses company classification data structured in Syntax's proprietary Functional Information System (FIS), which draws primarily from audited annual reports (e.g., 10-K filings) and secondarily from unaudited documents (e.g., news articles, company websites) to allow granular groupings and comparisons of companies by the characteristics of their various product lines.

Index Facts

Number of Constituents 100
Weighting Methodology Equal
Rebalancing Frequency Quarterly
Currency USD
Exchange Symbol/Ticker SYINFR
Index Inception Date December 16, 2022
Base Index Value 1000
Total Return Index Value (as of 03/23/2023) 2739.98

Index Performance

Multi-Horizon Returns
(% as of 12/31/2022)
YTD4Q221Y3Y5Y7Y10YSince 03.15.13
S&P 500-18.117.56-18.117.669.4211.4812.5612.11
Infrastructure Comp.-1.6111.93-1.6114.7310.914.5-11.46

Annual Index Performance
(% as of 12/31/2022)
S&P 500-18.1128.7118.431.49-4.3821.8311.961.3813.6932.39
Infrastructure Comp.-1.6118.7529.2424.34-10.6719.8228.34-10.7110.41-

Index Statistics
(as of 12/31/2022)
Vol.Sharpe RatioTrack. Err.Upside CaptureDown. Capture
S&P 50016.30.63-100100
Infrastructure Comp.18.90.719.39983

Index Fundamentals
(as of 12/31/2022)
BetaDividend YieldP / E RatioP / B Ratio
S&P 50011.7719.93.8
Infrastructure Comp.1.010.0221.52.7

Top Holdings
(as of 12/31/2022)
CompanyWeight (%)
Shoals Technologies Group Inc1.09
Dominion Energy Inc1.08
Evergy Inc1.08
Caterpillar Inc1.07
PG&E Corp1.07
Southern Co1.07
Dycom Industries Inc1.07
CMS Energy Corp1.06
Duke Energy Corp1.06
NorthWestern Corp1.06